• Role: Drummer
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5’5″
  • Weight: 110 pounds or so
  • Instruments: Mint’s old TF-42-MBD Drum Kit with CKPB Kick Mods, Various drum machines and samples.
  • Favorite Genres: Industrial, Hip Hop, Indie Rock
  • Likes: Technology (especially portables), Heavy drum beats, Vehicles.
  • Dislikes: Country Music, Vegemite, Gangster Rap
  • Detailed Information:

It’s told that the Freen Machine (That’s the band’s van) required repairs after Zoot and the Van’s “second date”, and after the first time that it needed repairs (when Mint, Aptiva and Adam got into that accident, remember.) the band didn’t have the money or resources to spend on another high-grade repair. Enter Annachie, yet an exchange student from Australia that was taking a course in mechanical engineering.

While she was repairing the van, Sparky noticed that she was being quite rhythmic about the fixes, bashing wrenches and hammers(?!) to the beat of her MP3 player’s tunes. He came to Marcus, the fill-in drummer and manager of the band about asking the mechanic to be the new drummer. After some thought, that’s exactly what they did, and she was happy to be a part of our magically inclined little group!

One Response to “Annachie”

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