So what’s the fuss about? What’s going on with Freen in Green that we’ve been so tight lipped over the last few months for the most part, besides trickling out a few little pieces of info here and there?

We’ve been working very hard with our brand new team, and working on our debut album! Wait, WHAT? But you guys have had 5 albums out already, and countless side-albums, what gives?!

As you may know, Freen in Green is an animated band, with a story to go alongside all of the music you guys listen to. It’s a whimsical, bizarre tale of fantasy mixed in with reality, characters joining and characters leaving. It’s also not been the easiest to follow, after the very short lived origin comic, and the brief skits in This Album is Green. Beyond that, there’ve been a few interviews and a seldom updated blog on WordPress telling bits and pieces of a story.

So we’ve decided to make the push into a more accessible story, partnering with our new art and animation team to bring you animated shorts, music videos, and hopefully even better content featuring your favorite Canadian animated band (no, not them, us!)

What’s the big deal about? Well, if you don’t mind us breaking character just for a moment, the legacy story from 2009 with Mint, Adam, Aptiva, Smoker and Mysteri is very…. bloated. To properly tell the story of the band, you have to go through such a long list of people who aren’t even involved with us anymore. We’ve gotten quite a few people asking who or what Mint was, or what Adam had to do with FiG as it stands today. It also wasn’t fair to the new members of the band (Spektra, Annachie, Sparky, Zoot, etc) to have to wait for ages to get their time to shine, while in the music they’re already putting forth their best efforts– that origin comic was running in 2013, a solid 4 years later than the events it was telling.

With all due respect to everyone in the past that’s been involved in Freen in Green’s past, we’ve decided (with their blessings!) to move on and reboot the story. This upcoming album we’ve been hard at work on (previously titled “Hard Reset”, how foreboding, right?) will act as our debut album, the first phase in Freen in Green 2.0 if you will.

So what of the legacy content? It’s totally fine! It’s over here:
Where you can continue to enjoy our old stuff free of charge!

In-story, we’re going to be referring to these old albums as demo EPs, which culminated into Green Planet Adventures!, another album by FiG 2.0. So it’s not like everything to this point has been lost at all, either!

Who’s in the band? Here’s the great thing: Most of the current bandmembers are still there, albeit with minor tweaks– we’ve taken this opportunity to really iron out some things the folks behind the curtain weren’t satisfied with. The lineup is as follows:

Annachie on Drums
Aptiva on Guitar
Haylee (Mysteri) on Keys
Sparky on Bass or Rhythm Guitar
Spektra DJing
Zoot on just about anything else the song needs!

What’s that? Zoot’s back?! You bet! And he’s ready to bring the swing he’s known for this time, too.

In 2017 and going forward, we hope to bring you animated shorts, music videos, and also live performances (either streamed or in person) and just generally more content for you guys to get involved with, so sit tight and enjoy the ride!


Phase 3 is coming to an end!

Hey guys! Long time no see again, right? If you want to keep super up-to-date on everything in the Freen in Green world, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

So, what’s been happening since the last updates? Well it’s time for another one of those infamous “Marcus stories”. It’s been a while, so forgive me for getting a bit rusty!

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An interview with a local paper!

Long time no see, huh? We got permission to post this interview to the internet now that the paper is out of circulation. This is from a few weeks ago, so some of the information may be a little bit late. Interview after the jump!

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It’s story time!

Hey everyone! Long time no see, huh?

Well we’ve had questions about our story, and where people can find out more about the ongoing timeline of Freen in Green. Well, look no further! As of today, we’re unveiling a Freen in Green COMIC! Whoa right? Drawn by the awesome Coral-Striker, otherwise known as “Zyp”, we intend to go back to when the band first started, and show you how it happened step by step!

So be sure to check out that “Comics” tab up there on the header, and view the first page of the comic! We don’t have an update schedule or anything, but one thing I can tell ‘ya is that the first issue has about 6 pages, and that you can view the titles of the first 3 issues on the main “comics” page.

Now for some Z’s! Be sure to check out Zyp’s deviant art!

Our big huge top-ten of the last twoish years!

It’s sure been a fun ride this passed year, and it’s been a crazy ride since this band started back in 2009. I think for fun, we’re going to post the top 10 most popular played and downloaded FiG songs using our Bandcamp stats, just so you can see what they are. List after the jump~
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We’re pretty broken at this point.

So a couple of days ago, I got up at the usual time and headed into the studio to check on the guys, and to work more on Pixelated Planet, the band’s search for more members (drums, vocals, rhythm guitar), and the Rock Band stuff. When I got there though, I noticed that there was a strange package on the counter in the reception area, so right away I knew something was weird. It was in a typical shipping package, you know, the ones coated in white paper, but it lacked the stamp or return address.

Now, of course, I was pretty hesitant to open it. I mean, do we have enemies? Adam claimed that there was some dude that hocked a bomb at him from the old Bluefusion studios when it was still standing. So I just left it where it was and decided to talk to the others about it first. Mint and Aptiva had nothing to say, they didn’t hear or see anyone come in and leave the package, and Zoot was in power saver mode the whole time. Mysteri then came forward and after a few brief studders, and told me that Adam had been here with some girl, and that he was the one whom left the box behind for us.

So now that we knew it (probably) wasn’t a bomb or anything otherwise lethal, I opened it. Inside was a card, and Smoker’s marble; the one he released her from a few years ago. This was definitely strange, at this point I had a pretty bad feeling about the card, but decided to read it out loud anyway.

“Dear Marcus, Mysteri, and the idiots.

My girlfriend, Jennifer, just got a call from some talent agency over in Edmonton that thinks that she’d be great as a bassist for some all-female band that’s apparently in the works. Supposedly they have a singer and a keyboardist, and Jen just so happens to fit perfectly with their style.

Anyway, We recently got engaged, so y’know. Hands are tied and whatever. I’ve gotta move over there with her and there’s no way I’m commuting back and forth from another province just for the band. Hell, I don’t even know why I was still here after Smoker packed her blackmailing magic bags… Heh, maybe I just got soft on you guys or something.

So treat this as my formal resignation or whatever. Gonna start a new life over there in Edmonton and see where I can go from there. Marcus! Keep those bumbling idiots in line for me, alright? Best of luck with that.

Thanks for the ride, it’s been interesting.
-Adam Grant
(PS: Don’t polish the marble, who knows what else could fly out of it. The last thing you’d want is another Smoker hanging around.)”

And with that, we lose another member. Everyone was pretty stunned, even Mint and Aptiva dropped whatever they had started doing since I had began reading the letter. Wanting to say goodbye properly, I drove down to where Adam’s apartment was, but his landlord said they were showing off the suite to new tennants and that the old one had already moved out.

So, Adam, if you’re reading this, best of luck with your life over there! Thanks for tolorating us for as long as you have, and I’ll miss having that morning coffee with you every day! Tell Jennifer to kick some butt as the bassist for that new band! I’ll be the first in line to get their album whenever it happens! And come visit sometime! We’ll miss you!

I guess this means our search for another bassist begins…